Quality assurance throughout the process


At Solina you can demand the highest standards for quality, documentation, microbiology and price. Our procurement department strives to meet your requirements by maintaining a constant focus on the selection of the individual product.


At Solina we have always focused on quality and compliance with statutory requirements. We have therefore developed requirement specifications that must be observed by our suppliers.


Food safety, quality assurance and documentation are important areas of expertise that our suppliers must master, because Solina is committed to demonstrating its credibility and professionalism in the food industry.
A natural task for Solina.


Quality control at Solina includes the
following elements:

  • Control of all incoming goods
  • Own laboratory facilities - microbiology, chemical, sensoric and physical
  • External accredited laboratories

  • Finished goods control - bacteriological, allergens, taste, colour and texture
  • Preparation of documentation