Consulting and customer-specific development


Our large development team can assist you with advice, coaching and development of your products. They follow the tasks from the concept phase to the finished solution.


The product developers each have their own field of expertise. Some come from industrial production, some know the butcher trade from the shops, while others have a more scientific approach to product development. And new experiences are being added all the time. For us, the apron and the yellow jersey are one and the same thing. That’s why trade fairs, conferences, seminars, cooperation with scientific institutions, study tours and international innovation projects are all natural parts of everyday life.


We often take our starting point in the thousands of mixtures that we already produce today. We vary and develop these mixtures to find new and unique solutions to meet your requirements.


Naturally, you are the one who decides what is the best flavour. Our primary mission is to assist you in finding the exact taste and consistency you require.


In our state-of-the-art development centre, we are continuously developing new and exciting products. These satisfy our customers’ requirements for professional product development and feedback to reflect current trends.


The development centre also features a pilot plant with the latest facilities and equipment within the field of production for e.g. meat products, as well as an advanced laboratory for analysis.


Our development centre is visited weekly by customers who wish to test products before they are implemented in their own production facilities, for example by testing fermentation processes on a smaller scale.



What we offer:

  • Facilities for testing our products in the final product
  • Highly skilled and creative product developers
  • Ideas and inspiration for product optimization and innovations
  • Training and/or problem-solving in our experimental kitchen or at your company
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of all information regarding the projects